Thursday, 18 of September of 2014

Did you say Something?

Losing my hearing is something I’ve always known was a possibility, but not something I’d ever really thought about. As I’ve gotten older, I always lived by the assumption that I would deal with it if it ever happened, hoping that it never would. However, when I started missing simple things my kids or grandchildren were saying I knew I had a problem.

Hearing aids have always been something I was apprehensive about. However, not being able to hear what others around me were saying is even worse. After just recently purchasing a pair, which is barely visible, I can finally hear my friends, family, and strangers again. Listening to my grandchildren’s animated stories is one of the best things about my weekends. It’s not something I would ever want to miss or want to ask them to repeat.

The Morning Crew

Peter ran his fingertips across the smooth cinder-block wall. The recycled glass media, which had been crushed to a fine sandy powder, blasted away the abundance of dirt, grime, and graffiti that once covered the vertical expanse. With the markings of inner city gangs stripped from the outside of the building, their primitive artistry lost to the advancement of genuine progress, workers adorned with blue uniforms and shiny black hard hats took to repainting the block wall a brilliant white color. The emerging coat of paint, despite making the old down town office building seem newer in appearance, contrasted sharp against the dingy multi-leveled structures towering off in the distance, their long dark shadows yawning and stretched across the grass weakened sidewalks and eroding curbs. Only the coin operated parking meters stood firmly planted in the cement, like persistent beggars accepting the change of suits and skirts, which frequented the shops and offices on North Peach Tree Street. Near lifeless souls, who if asked, would tend to warn that their lack of coherence and energy was due to a general failure, on their part, to have acquired their first cup of espresso.

Office Tuesday

It was another Tuesday. Dave was circling the water cooler again. “Here it comes,” I thought to myself, “Another godforsaken speech about the some buzz word.” He was clammy, a light bead of sweat dripped off his forehead, it was going to be big. But I was determined to get to the break room. “Woah! Bob, hey! I’m going to need you to round up the gang,” Dave whipped his brow, his eyes bugging from his head, “This one just came down from corporate, it’s a good one, it’s big!” I couldn’t bare to make eye contact. It was painful. Absolutely painful. “What’s this one, Dave? What is so ‘big’?” He took a deep breath, a divine conviction descended upon him: “pre-operative assessment training,” he belted out with a gasp. “But what does it mean Dave?” I inquired. “Not a clue.” he said out of breath. It was just another Tuesday.

Freedom from sorrow

Doug had been depressed after his wife left him for his former best friend.They had all spent time together,like the three musketeers. Doug had giggled, when he was with his wife and former pal. They blended together and got along in a way that he, at that time,thought enriched his life. Then, Doug got a new career, one that required him to be on the road much more than he wanted to. Him and his wife started quarreling and that was something completely new to them. So, the tantalizing trio became the dynamic duo. Partly, Doug didn’t blame them. In ways, he felt responsible for becoming the odd man out. Still, Doug felt slightly saddened by the loss if not only the comradarie, but also the disappearance of his best friend in his life. Doug declared that he was going to start anew. His ever thinning hair was becoming his nemesis and he planned to get a FUE hair transplant. Doug was ready to face freedom from his sorrow and this was the first step on that path.

A Relaxing Adventure

After the day I had at work, I was so glad that I decided to use the gift certificate for a thai massage Glasgow that I received for my birthday. While I’ve had other massages, I’ve never had this type so it was the beginning of an adventure.

I didn’t expect to do yoga during a massage, but that’s what happened. I lay on the floor, and the therapist pulled my leg over the other one. At first I wondered what had possessed the therapist. Had he gone crazy? I mean this wasn’t what was supposed to happen during a massage. I have to admit it felt great, but it wasn’t what I expected. This was a massage like no other massage I had experienced. And as the massage ended I wondered what other adventures the rest of the day would offer.

Grandma Hears Again

Ever since grandma started getting old it seems that her hearing is getting worse. We have been trying to get her to buy a hearing aid. She was always against it stating that they were big ugly things. But as time went on she began to realize that she was missing out on a lot of conversations because she could not hear clearly and she was often mistaking the wrong words. So we started shopping. We showed her pictures of all the different kinds of hearing aids Knutsford until we found one that she really liked. We took her to the doctor who helped us with ordering it. Now she thinks she is styling. But some of us wish we had never bought the hearing aid as she can now hear conversations going on in the other room.

Slug Patrol

After we moved into our new home, we realized the concrete in front of the porch was very slippery when it would rain. One of the things we found to put on it was rock salt. We knew this was for ice and snow, but it worked wonders after rain as well. Only a small amount was needed to provide the traction to walk on the sidewalk. One day, we poured salt on the concrete and noticed there were slugs nearby. The slugs crawled toward the salt and stopped. Watching them, we didn’t know what they were trying to do, but it was soon apparent they did not like the substance being there. All of a sudden, the slugs crawled over the salt and started shriveling into small masses. It seems there is another use for the popular item.